2020 Ford Bronco To Get Solid Axles?

2020 Ford Bronco To Get Solid Axles?

Speculation regarding the all-new 2020 Ford Bronco has been rife in recent weeks,  and here’s a wee bit more to add to the confusion.

According to Automotive News driveline supplier Dana fronted an investor presentation earlier this month and confirmed that it won the contract to develop and manufacture the 2020 Bronco and 2019 Ranger’s drivelines. The Dana representative went on to say that both vehicles will have “front and rear axles featuring our latest AdvanTEK gear technology.”

And that right there – according to Automotive News – is confirmation that the Bronco and Ranger will be sporting a pair of Dana made solid axles. The only fly in that ointment is that Dana’s AdvanTEK gear technology isn’t limited to solid axles, it’s also available in independent suspension packages.

Earlier this month Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford was quoted as saying: “It will be a true, tough Bronco; a real off-road vehicle.” In addition to this a Ford spokesman who declined to go into detail, recently told Automotive News that the Bronco “will meet the needs of our most demanding off-road enthusiasts”.

None of which necessarily confirms beyond doubt that Bronco and Ranger will have solid axle front suspension, but you’ve got to start believing that it’s a possibility.

As we’ve stated before, it would be far easier for Ford to modify the Australian developed Everest (that shares it’s T6 platform with Ranger), slap a Bronco badge on it and call it a day, than it would to develop a truly unique solid axle equipped off-road biased Bronco on a platform originally designed for an IFS front end.

What we do know, is that being based on the T6 platform a right-hand drive Bronco is a real possibility.

What are the chances that come 2020 we’ll see a new solid axle Bronco taking it to the all-new Jeep Wrangler in Australia?


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