New 4X4 Sales In 2016

New 4X4 Sales In 2016

Interest in 4X4 vehicles continues to grow in Australia and it’s not difficult to understand why. Unlike performance cars, super cars or race cars, 4X4s are adventure machines with the ability to take you, pretty much anywhere you want to go, on or off-road.

2016 (230,497 sales) was a bumper year, with around 14,000 more 4X4s sold than in 2015 (216,056 sales). As we’ve previously reported the HiLux was the best selling 4X4 and in fact the best selling vehicle in Australia if you include the 4X2 models. HiLux held off the increasingly popular Ford Ranger by just 96 sales; 2017 is going to be a year to watch.

The 2016 winners

The big movers as you’d expect were HiLux and Ranger, with the all-new HiLux (31,076 sales) improving on the previous generations 2015 result by 5,137 sales. Ranger (30,880 sales) was up a significant 7,444 sales on the previous years performance.

The Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series wagon (11,813 sales) was the other standout performer, ahead by 2,611 sales when compared to 2015. If you want a tug to tow your 3 tonne van it’s about the only realistic option, provided you don’t run foul of it’s fairly average payload rating.

The 2016 losers

Unfortunately, it was a horror year for the Jeep brand with sales of all of their products copping a bashing. Grand Cherokee (6,379 sales) was down 5,585 sales over the previous year, a 47 per cent drop.

The smaller Cherokee (2,079 sales) turned in an even worse performance, down 4,077 sales a 66 per cent drop. Even the Wrangler (1,283 sales) took a 39 per cent hit, down 823 sales.

If you want to understand Jeeps woes a little better, google ‘Clyde Campbell’ and have a read. The good news is that Steve Zanlunghi was appointed Managing Director for Fiat Chrysler Australia in August 2016 and we will – given time – hopefully see new life breathed into Jeep sales in Australia.

The other notable kick in the guts was copped by the Mitsubishi Pajero (4,049 sales) down 997 sales on the previous year. It’s not really a surprise given the Pajero is an ageing platform (with a few creaks and groans) that is now no-doubt being cross shopped against the all-new 8-speed Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

That’s the headlines summarised but you can find the numbers on all 4X4s sold in Australia during 2016 below.



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  1. I know the Grand Cherokee is way down on sales numbers compared to previous years, but it still does well compared to every other SUV out there, except the cruiser, prado and pipped by the MUX. Where does Jeep belong in sales numbers? I would have thought it is competing against Landrover. FCA as a whole may see itself as a VW competitor for overall sales numbers, but they need more product to come through first.

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