New 4X4 Sales In January 2017

New 4X4 Sales In January 2017

2016 belonged – by a small margin – to Toyota’s HiLux (31,076 sales), which managed to keep its prominent nose in front of Ford’s Ranger (30,880 sales). With a new year ahead of us, the battle to be Australia’s favourite 4X4 is back on again.

The winners in January

Yep, you guessed it, the Ranger and HiLux are back at the top of the sales leader board. The Ford Ranger (2,221 sales) has an early lead over the Toyota HiLux (1,964 sales), both improving on their January 2016 performances.

Third place was taken by the Holden Colorado (1,333 sales). The recent recipient of a thorough upgrade, although the improved Colorado hasn’t – it appears – been quite as popular with buyers; sales from October onwards have been down month on month compared to the previous year.

Other notable performers include Toyota’s 200 Series Land Cruiser (713 sales), the Ford Everest (311 sales) and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport (290 sales).

The losers in January

It was a softer start to the year for 4X4 sales, with January 2017 (14,771 sales) results down significantly on January 2016 (16,637 sales) results.

Isuzu Ute had a lackluster month with D-MAX 4X4 (498 sales) down 136 sales when compared to the previous January. The MU-X (384 sales) 4×4 wagon was down 111 sales across the same period. A substantially updated version of both vehicles was launched last week, and we suspect that January’s ordinary sales performance has more to do with stock levels and the new model being shipped to dealers, than any sudden drop in popularity.

The Mitsubishi Pajero (352 sales) continues its run in the doldrums, down 146 sales compared to January 2016, a pattern that has been setting in over recent months. The Toyota Fortuner (125 sales) was 149 sales down on the previous January – life is tough when you squeeze in just below the larger and considerably more popular Prado.

Suzuki’s Grand Vitara (83 sales) was 85 sales down on its January 2016 result. Like the Pajero the Grand Vitara is getting old – though it remains an excellent small 4X4.

Jeep continues to sell hundreds of vehicles but – as we’ve reported before -, is well down across it’s entire model range when compared with recent preceding years.

Final tally

Overall there were 14,771 new 4X4s sold in January 2017 and 84,910 vehicles sold overall, making this the worst month for 4X4 sales since we’ve been keeping score. It’s not a trend that we expect will continue.

17.4 per-cent of all vehicles sold in January were 4X4s.

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