River Cottage Subaru Brumby Up For Auction

River Cottage Subaru Brumby Up For Auction

If you are familiar with the TV Series River Cottage Australia, you’ll know that its host Paul West, likes to get about in a classic 1993 Subaru Brumby 4X4.

It’s got a few dings and scrapes, loads of character and if you want it badly enough it could be yours! The old Brumby is being auctioned off next week, with all proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales.

Subaru built the Brumby from 1978 to 1994 and it was in many ways a unique vehicle, running a 1.8-litre horizontally opposed 4-cylinder petrol engine, independent suspension all-round and a 4WD system that was enabled by using a lever to engage the rear axle.

There was no low-range transfer case and no all-wheel-drive.

Stories from Brumby owners are legendary, with most agreeing that it was the most reliable and most useful ute that they’ve ever owned.

Paul West’s Brumby has 313,109 kilometres showing on the odometer, and is roadworthy and registered.

“The river Cottage Brumby has been used by host Paul West and his family in several seasons of the show as a work horse on the southern NSW property that hosts the lifestyle and food favourite,” reads an advertisement for the auction.

The Brumby will be auctioned in an on-line only auction due to commence on the 14th of March and finish up on the 16th of March at 7pm.

You can register for the auction by visiting www.subaru.com.au/brumby

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