2020 Ford Bronco Four Door Renderings

2020 Ford Bronco Four Door Renderings

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Remember that very cool 2020 Ford Bronco two-door rendering, that the Bronco6G.com forum commissioned back in early 2016? It was enough to get any red-blooded 4X4 enthusiast’s knees trembling.

Well get ready to tremble all over again. This time around, their talented designer has imagined what a four-door Bronco might look like.

Now before you get all bent out of shape – we know Broncos have never existed in a four-door format – the odds of the new Bronco being available only as a two-door are slim. Ford will be wanting to make a buck, buyers want four door wagons, and that’s just the way it is going to (most likely) be.

And let’s face facts here, if Ford produce a four-door Bronco that is even half as sexy as this rendered example, they’ll be beating buyers away with a stick.

The sixth generation Bronco will share a modified T6 platform with the 2019 Ford Ranger, that sadly looks bland in comparison. Ford has confirmed that the new Bronco will be similar in size to the Ford Ranger, which means a four-door Bronco is a virtual guarantee.

This particular rendering of the 2020 Bronco shows a rugged body-on-frame off-roader that has retained the Bronco’s classic round headlights and blunt inset grille along with other retro cues while adding beefed up off-road tyres and a 3-inch lift.

The three-quarter rear view shows a boxy silhouette and straight edged, upright greenhouse with hard retro lines and signature parallelogram-shaped rear side windows and back glass anchored by a higher belt line and tall tailgate. The large rectangular taillights are a modern take on those found on the original Bronco.

Bronco6G.com suggest that insider sources have confirmed that the 2020 Bronco will feature a removable ‘Air Roof’, pictured in the renderings with 3-4 modular roof panels that run nearly the entire length of the vehicle’s roof. These panels can be removed and stored in the rear cargo area for open-air off-roading.

Mechanically, there’s still not a lot known about the next-gen Bronco. There is talk of front and rear solid axles, but we think it’s more likely going to be a solid rear axle and and IFS front end arrangement, as per Ranger. Having said that, the Bronco is being developed by Ford Australia and they are currently believed to be developing a Raptor version of the Ranger, one that features a coil-sprung independent rear with disc brakes, so who knows…

Engines are an unknown quantity but the Ranger’s 5-pot diesel and any type of petrol V8 are thought to be off the table. Turbo-charged V6 petrol anyone?

Will we see the Bronco in Australia? Being based on Ford’s global T6 architecture, you’d think that a right-hand drive version of the new Bronco would be a monty, but not everything that happens in the car world makes complete sense, as we’ve all come to know.

Source: Bronco6G.com

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