LOADED 4X4’s FREE eMagazine – It’s Time To Subscribe

LOADED 4X4’s FREE eMagazine – It’s Time To Subscribe

There’s a new 4X4 eMagazine coming. It’s going to free, it’s going to be interesting and it’s not going to be dancing to the same old tune.

Our upcoming free eMagazine is a project born from frustration, the frustration we’ve felt – as 4X4 enthusiasts – wanting a quality, balanced and unbiased 4X4 read. Right now, we don’t believe one exists, but that is something, we’re setting out to change.

It goes without saying, that our magazine won’t be like the rest of ‘em.

For starters, we aren’t having a bar of any form of sponsorship. We’ll accept advertising and work very hard to give our advertisers value. Quality advertisements in a magazine serve a dual purpose, they provide the income required to create the next issue and they showcase products and services that might be of interest to you, the reader. My old man used to buy 4X4 magazines to see the new products being advertised, the fact that he didn’t read the content between the ads, tells the same sad story that we’ve been experiencing.

Sponsorship is very different to advertising. Sponsorship is the buying of results and opinions, and our opinions aren’t for sale.

Additionally, first place, or any placement, in comparison reviews we might run, cannot be bought. Yes, unbelievably, it does happen.

We’ll wear our own clothes, buy our own cars, wheels and tyres and if we review a product, we’ll return it when the review process is completed. If we recommend a product to you, it won’t be because we have been paid in cash and product to do so, it’ll be because we think it’s the duck’s tender bits.

The other insidious 4X4 media character flaw is brand bias. There are two types of brand bias, the kind bought through sponsorship and the kind that is targeted to appeal to a specific reader type.

We’ll be going out of our way to be honest and provide sound and balanced reviews, irrespective of the brands represented. No brand will win a comparison review because we think it will increase our readership or interest in our magazine – it will only win if we believe it’s the best product being reviewed.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? It won’t be.

And then there is the content. Can you picture a free magazine, with solid, quality, unbiased and unbought content at its soul? Content should be king and with us it will be once again. There will be over 200 pages of REAL content, ranging from the latest news, to new 4X4 reviews, 4X4 showcases (the awesome 40 pictured above is one of a number of 4X4s to be featured in issue numero uno), trip reports and more.

We’re getting real excited about the first issue of the Loaded 4X4 eMagazine going live on the 15th of January next year – the feedback we are receiving from enthusiasts and the 4X4 industry has been surprisingly positive.

Initially the mag will be a quarterly, but as soon as we’re able we’ll be taking that down to bi-monthly and possibly more frequently, if it can be done without compromising quality.

The best way to show your support for this project is to subscribe.

Hitting the link below, will take you to our one step (5 second) subscription page and ensures that you won’t miss out when the first ever issue of the FREE Loaded 4X4 eMagazine goes live.

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