Drivetech 4X4 Oil Separator Kits

Drivetech 4X4 Oil Separator Kits

The very first thing we did to Project Triton, well it’s the only thing at this point, was fit a ProVent oil separator. Why is it needed? In simple terms, modern turbo-charged diesel engines suck oil vapour through their intake systems. The oil vapour mixes with carbon from the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and over time blocks the engines intake system. The result is poor running, a spike in fuel usage and eventually engine lights and limp home modes, none of which is good.

With Project Triton, I bought the ProVent oil separator and then set about making a bracket to mount it and find some suitable hosing to hook it all up.

Well, the bright sparks at Drivetech 4X4 have put in the hard yards and developed ProVent based oil separator kits to suit many popular 4X4s. There’s a good chance they’ll have an oil separator kit, with EVERYTHING you need to fit the included ProVent oil separator to your diesel 4X4.

The Drivetech 4X4 oil separator kits include:

  • ProVent® separator element and housing
  • Pressure control valve
  • Pressure relief / Bypass valve (150 only)
  • All components required for installation (hose, reducers, nuts, bolts and clamps)
  • Comprehensive installation instructions
  • Vehicle specific stainless steel bracket (in vehicle specific kits only)

The oil separator kit range Includes:

  • Vehicle Specific Kits
  • Universal Kits
  • Replacement Elements

Recommended retail pricing, including GST, ranges from $448 for the universal kits up to $585 for the vehicle specific kits.

You can get in touch with Drivetech 4X4 via their website by clicking here.