Nissan Patrol Gets More For Less

Nissan Patrol Gets More For Less

Like a Cruiser, it’s big fat and ugly. Unlike the Cruiser, punters aren’t rushing into showrooms to buy it.

Nissan’s V8 Patrol is at the top of the 4X4 pile when it comes to luxury, features and arguably ability but that big petrol V8 just isn’t appealing to Aussie’s brought up on a diet of fuel efficient turbo diesels.


In an effort to attract more buyer interest, Nissan has pared back the Patrol range and got a little radical with the pricing. Gone is the entry level ST-L model, leaving just the Ti and Ti-L spec. Down goes the price with the Ti now retailing for $69,990, a $23,400 discount to it’s previous pricing and perversely, $12,700 cheaper than the now defunct ST-L base model.

The top spec Ti-L is now priced at $86,990 (not including on-road costs), which is a $27,500 discount on the previous year’s model.


Current owners would be a mite disillusioned by this new pricing regime if they hadn’t bought at a massive discount on the old pricing. Massive discounts, fortunately, were the norm.

The value turn-around doesn’t stop with the pricing either. Sat Nav is now standard on the Ti along with Nissan’s Off Road Monitor. Nissan’s Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension, top-down camera view and leather upholstery remain.


The gear selector has been moved from the left hand side of the centre console to the right, a nod to the fact that yes, Australia is a right hand drive market.

The Ti is offered with an eight-seat layout, while the Ti-L has a more luxury-focused seven-seat configuration.


Mechanically there are no changes with the VK56 5.6 litre all-alloy V8 which provides drive via a seven-speed automatic to all four wheels via an electronically-controlled 4WD system with low range transfer case.

If you can get your head around the petrol V8, and we’ve heard it isn’t as thirsty as you might think, then the V8 Patrol has to be the best value luxury 4X4 currently available.


The 2015 Nissan Patrol V8 is available now. The following pricing does not included on-roads which vary from state to state.

Nissan Patrol V8 Ti: $69,990
Nissan Patrol V8 Ti-L: $86,990


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