2004 Toyota Prado Grande Review

2004 Toyota Prado Grande Review

2004 Toyota Prado Review

Owner review by: Peter

Make: Toyota
Model: Prado
Year: 2004
Spec level: Grande
Transmission: Automatic
Bought: Used
Owned: 8 years
Uses: Family car | Off-road | Touring & Camping | Towing

PROS: Towing ability | Reliability | Off-road ability
CONS: Dealer service | It’s not cool | Arm rests

Would you buy this car again? YES

Owner’s Thoughts

Back in 2009 a work mate and myself were away with work in Warrnambool. We had tea together and started talking about a trip that my workmate was planning.

They were going to travel up through the centre of australia across to Broome and down the west coast and back to Victoria. I indicated that my wife and I were going to do a similar trip when we retired. To cut a long story short, my workmate invited us to go with them.

We both had long service due and my wife was very keen when I suggested we tag along. At this time we had no Caravan or a car to tow a van.

As you do I got onto the internet and looked at 4x4s price, reliability etc and read several blogs from various people. This I found confusing as the various makes and models got good reviews by some, and others gave stinging opinions of the same vehicles.

I hit the car yards and test drove several vehicles on a short list I had made. At this stage I had no idea which vehicle to go for, and of course I had to consider what was available at the time, the cost, capability, extras, Kilometres Warranty, etc all had to be considered.

I found a Prado Granda with low Kms good condition, good price, it had all the extras, very quite to drive, leather seats, dual battery system, Hayman reese tow bar, bull bar. Etc Etc. So that was it purchased it.

We did the trip over to the west coast for 10 weeks and the car towed the van well. We went off road in several locations (not with the Van) and the car performed very well.

The following year we took the van to Cairns and left it in a caravan park, and continued on to Cape York did the old telegraph track and camped for two weeks.

We have been back to the red centre with the grand children, and back up to central Qld, the vehicle has clocked up 300,000 km now and I have only had to put tires on and service it regularly.

We are planning another central Aust trip for next year, and hopefully the old girl will do us proud, which I am confident it will.


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