Jeep Easter Safari Teaser #ONE

Jeep Easter Safari Teaser #ONE

Jeep enthusiasts know that Easter is a special time stateside. Their favourite 4X4 brand traditionally rolls out a bunch of tasty concepts for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

This year it’s the 50th annual Easter Safari, which is a bit special, and the excitement is building with Jeep’s release of two teaser shots and a short blurb.


They call them teaser shots because you can see bugger all, get told bugger all and are generally left feeling a little taken advantage of after seeing them.

It’s no exception this time.

The short blurb, “The Jeep Wrangler “Trailcat” concept and the Jeep “Crew Chief” are two of the seven new vehicles that will head to Moab” is all we’ve got.

While we can’t tell you much about the Trailcat, aside from our deep desire to see a HEMI V8 stuffed under the bonnet, the Crew Chief is interesting. It appears to be a development of the J-12 Jeep Chief from last year’s event, and given the name we could be looking at a small piece of a Wrangler crew-cab ute.

The other five concepts are expected to include tricked up versions of the Renegade, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee.

We’ll have to wait until the fun at Moab kicks off on March 19 to get the full story.



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