Jeep $1000 Diesel Offer On Grand Cherokee

Jeep $1000 Diesel Offer On Grand Cherokee

Fancy a diesel in ya GC cobber?

We don’t blame you and if that’s what you want then March is your month.

Jeep Australia has announced a month long promotion that makes buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel A LOT cheaper.

It’s being called the “$1,000 Diesel” offer, and it means that buyers of Grand Cherokees in March can upgrade to the 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 diesel, and it’s rather lusty 184kW and 570Nm, for $1,000.


And that folks, is a saving of $6,000 over regular retail pricing.

An added bonus in upgrading to the diesel is that it’s maximum tow rating of 3500kg is 1000kg higher than the petrol variants.

The $1,000 Diesel offer is only available on the 3.6 litre V6 petrol-powered Laredo, Blackhawk, Limited and Overland Grand Cherokees.

You can’t upgrade the V8 Grand Cherokees to diesel because, well, that wouldn’t be an upgrade would it.

The offer runs through until the end of March.


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