4WD Action Track Abuse Allegations

4WD Action Track Abuse Allegations

“West Coast tracks ‘ripped to shreds’ by four-wheel drivers filming for magazine” is how the headline reads.

Sounds bloody serious doesn’t it?

According to the Mercury, a Tasmanian news outlet, Tassie’s Parks and Wildlife Service is looking into the “actions of a crew of mainland off-roaders filming for a magazine article in the state’s West recently”.

Turns out the fuss is over the behaviour of the 4WD Action DVD team, who were out filming on the Balfour, Climies and Sandy Cape tracks, some of the toughest tracks in Australia.


The Mercury goes on to state that “their behaviour, which has now come under scrutiny from Tasmanian authorities, has been criticised by local four-wheel drive groups and other off-roading magazines”.

Unsealed 4X4 editor Dex Fulton has described the crew’s driving behaviour as “knuckle-dragging at its best”.

The Parks and Wildlife Service wants to know if the 4WD Action crew had the necessary recreational driver’s permits in place before they took on these tracks. They are also said to be concerned about the “general driving behaviour exhibited in a DVD released last week with the Australian 4WD Action magazine”.

You can check out the 4WD Action DVD promo in question here.

What do you think? Is this a valid reaction to serious track abuse or the media and a 4WD Action rival or two whipping up a bit of hype?


2 thoughts on “4WD Action Track Abuse Allegations

  1. pat callinan couldnt drive on tracks like these in his poxy amacrock. too busy filming ads for sponsors. leave the real four wheel drivers alone mister2x4

  2. They were not on a closed track. They were on an open track that is known is be flooded 90% of the time. They broke no laws.

    This is just to cause a media frenzy by other rival 4wd publications. I may not like the way they drive or their choice of locations, but if their braking no laws, I will defend their right to be there.

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