ARB Inflation Case Set To Cure Pneumaticosis

ARB Inflation Case Set To Cure Pneumaticosis

Losing track of your air accessories is a stressful and debilitating state of affairs right? I mean, we’ve all been there, the end of a hard day on the tracks and all you want to do is find that little pointy one to psssht the dust off the back door so you can grab a beer.

But the little bugger isn’t where you left it.

The next morning you hit the bitumen, pull over to air up and the damn tyre inflator is nowhere to be seen. This is the sort of nonsense that messes with your head and driving home at 60km/h with 14psi in your tyres is just embarrassing.

It gets to you and we all know that air accessory stress can lead to some unique and potentially serious health issues.

It’s called Pneumaticosis and it’s incurable.

Or at least it was. You see the boffins at ARB are about to release their all new ARB Inflation Case. The case doesn’t inflate, but it will ensure that you always have your ARB air accessories right where they should be; at your fingertips.



It’s been designed with six ‘specialised’ pockets, to securely locate your ARB Inflation, ARB Deflation, ARB Gauges, ARB Hoses and any other air accessories you want to throw at it.

It’s bright orange topographical design ensures you’ll never leave this case behind, ever. It’s constructed using quality materials like YKK#10 Zippers and abrasion resistant canvas and thoughtfully includes a large rubber handle and external high-vis reflective taping.

If you don’t believe in the ‘suck it and see’ approach, the ARB Inflation Case includes a swing tag with instructions on what air accessories can be housed and how to make them fit.

You’re feeling calmer already aren’t you?

It’s going to save lives and it goes on sale in May at ARB outlets around the country.


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