New 4X4 Sales In April 2016: What Gives Jeep?

New 4X4 Sales In April 2016: What Gives Jeep?

Another solid sales month was recorded in April, with the Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Toyota LandCruiser wagon leading the charge.

The Winner


The Ford Ranger was the big mover, more than doubling it’s April 2015 sales with 3,534 units sold in April 2016. More than enough to ensure first place on the podium with a whopping 992 sales whalloping of the second placed Toyota HiLux.

It’s not often that you get to see that.

The Loser


The big question is, what is happening to sales of the Jeep range?

Sales of the entire range have dropped dramatically in recent months, which again begs the question, why?

Is the plunge in sales a result of an unfavourable exchange rate, product supply issues or is it something else entirely?

Is this a reaction to ongoing quality issues, recalls and bad press from dissatisfied owners?

We put the question to Jeep’s PR department last month and the silence has been deafening.

To put the issue that Jeep has into perspective consider the following comparisons to the same month (April) in 2015;

  • Grand Cherokee sales are down 38 per-cent
  • Wrangler sales are down 34 per-cent
  • Cherokee sales are down 79 per-cent
  • Compass sales are down 62 per-cent
  • Patriot sales are down 62 per-cent

That’s a monumental, across the board routing and it isn’t limited just to the April 2016 results, March was no better.

Now let’s be clear here, we love a good Jeep, the damn things are living legends in off-road circles, but we have to ask again, what’s the story Jeep Australia?

The final tally

Overall, there were 18,345 new 4X4s sold in Australia in April this year. That’s a noticeable improvement on the 16,018 4X4 sales achieved in April 2015 and a significant chunk of the 87,571 total new vehicle sales in April.

More than one in five new vehicles sold in Australia is a 4X4.

Ford Ranger 4X4353417109172
Toyota HiLux254219389363
Toyota LandCruiser Wagon13498063504
Toyota Prado132913895049
Mitsubishi Triton 4X4112112796312
Holden Colorado 4X4107011334816
Nissan Navara 4X47968304403
Isuzu UTE D-MAX 4X47018313438
Mazda BT-50 4X46905643059
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series6335112767
Jeep Grand Cherokee6149892700
Volkswagen Amarok5885382767
Isuzu UTE MU-X5315042251
Toyota Fortuner38101394
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport28801445
Land Rover Discovery Sport28101539
Mitsubishi Pajero2793821504
Land Rover Range Rover Sport2603041040
Holden Colorado 7168162968
Land Rover Discovery161164993
Toyota FJ Cruiser125117410
Jeep Wrangler118180449
Nissan Patrol Wagon117138530
Suzuki Grand Vitara113173595
Jeep Cherokee109518652
Jeep Compass91241429
Jeep Renegade770353
Suzuki Jimny62102366
Jeep Patriot61160274
Foton Tunland 4X45271234
Land Rover Range Rover4149167
RAM Laramie 4X429083
Land Rover Defender2162365
Nissan Patrol Ute132778
Ssangyong Actyon Sports0721
Mitsubishi Challenger0139160

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