Shane’s Custom Built Rock Crawler Off-roader

Shane’s Custom Built Rock Crawler Off-roader

  • Model Rock Crawler

  • Engine Type Camry 2.0

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Off-Roader

Shane built this custom rock crawler to do one thing – rock crawl.

The accessory list is a short one, well non-existent really. When Shane filled out our form he was quite succinct and the fact is there really is virtually no interior, very little in the way of 12 volt gear and “nothing” sums up the storage situation.

Okay, so there’s that little ‘shelf’ out the back for a lunch-box, a small electric winch and an LED work light, but that’s it!

352765655322406630 - image72There are no awnings, no wheel carriers, no sound-system, no OME 2″ lift and definitely no roof top tent, but only because there isn’t a roof rack.

But there is bar work – lots of bar work – and it takes the form of a custom tube frame and cage to which everything else mounts.

352765655322406630 - image45Power is supplied by a Toyota Camry 2.0-litre four-pot petrol engine. Shane didn’t mention anything about engine mods and it’s probably fair to assume that something weighing as much as a wheelbarrow, doesn’t need a great deal of grunt to get it moving.

The Camry engine powers all four wheels via a Camry trans-axle (to the rear wheels) and HiLux transfer case to a HiLux diff up the front.

352765655322406630 - image49The suspension is a custom one-off setup, wheels are Creeper Locks and they are currently shod in 40″ Maxxis Trepador rubber.

All four wheels steer and as you can see in the pics, it all flexes ridiculously well.

352765655322406630 - imageWe held a quick office poll and yes please, we want one.

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