James’s 2013 Toyota HiLux Custom

James’s 2013 Toyota HiLux Custom

  • Model HiLux

  • Engine Type 3.0 D4D

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Custom

It would be fair to say that James found himself grappling with a horsepower problem, or more specifically a diesel horsepower problem. If he could only get a bit more (horsepower), the headache might go away…

James bought his first N70 HiLux back in 2013 – a manual turbo-diesel – and it was his weekend escape machine. You’d find him on the road most weekends, heading out to his favourite camping spots at Double Island Point or out near Kenilworth.

352987121912849015 - IMG_8239

It was during these trips that James realised he wanted a faster Lux and an off-the-shelf chip wasn’t going to cut it. Instead he chose to wander down to Just Autos and have a chat with Matt. James left with a serious addiction to diesel horsepower and an even more serious plan to scratch the new itch.

Matt’s a dangerous man.

So, James made the decision to sell the manual Lux as the gearbox wasn’t up to dealing with the angry 3.0 turbo-diesel he was planning, and into his life rolled Wendy. Wendy was a completely stock 2013 HiLux Workmate, with grey bumpers, 29″ wheels and most importantly an auto… but she didn’t stay ‘stock’ for long.

352987121912849015 - IMG_8029

Hiding under Wendy’s bonnet is a 3.0 D4D with all the trimmings. There’s a custom Stage 3 GTurbo, 30 percent injectors, a three-rotor Injector Pump, a 1KD front-mount intercooler and a HKS ECU tuned at Just Autos.

That’s a recipe for 305hp at the wheels on 33″ rubber and according to James, Wendy has a thing for Commodores, whatever that means?

Hi-Po diesels are tough on drivetrains, so Wendy’s four-speed auto was pulled and a custom ‘race spec’ rebuild undertaken by MV Automatics.

352987121912849015 - IMG_7982Wendy might be quick off the mark, but she’s still an off-roader and James has paid just as much attention to the rest of this build as he has to that engine.

The front diff has been dropped using a PHAT BARS diff relocation kit, to keep the front CVs happy. Wendy’s body has been lifted by 2-inches using a VMN body lift kit. In addition to this, a set of Monster Rides adjustable coil-overs have been set to provide 3-inches of suspension lift at the front.

352987121912849015 - IMG_8236The rear suspension consists of Outback Armour leaf springs and shocks. James is currently running 285/70/17 Summit Mud Hog tyres on 17×9 steelies.

Wendy sports a full complement of bar work, including a custom steel bull bar, PHAT BARS sliders, PHAT BARS front and underbody bash plates and a custom steel tray.

It’s fair to say that Matt loves Wendy. Why else would he call her his “Queen of soot goddess”?

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