Max’s 1994 Toyota 80 Series LandCruiser Off-roader

Max’s 1994 Toyota 80 Series LandCruiser Off-roader

  • Model LandCruiser

  • Engine Type 4.5-litre

  • Transmission Type 4-Speed Auto

  • Classification Off-Roader

The 80 Series is Max’s dream 4X4 and moving across from a Pajero with its all-independent suspension has been a big change.

That’s a change for the better according to Max, not that there is anything wrong with a good Pajero.

Max’s 80 Series is called ‘Slug’ and we’re guessing that’s because it’s big and green, not ridiculously slow.

352854376129567985 - FB_IMG_1469347030933Getting up to speed shouldn’t be an issue as this 80 is powered by Toyota’s big 4.5-litre straight-six petrol engine. Right now it’s stock, but Max has plans to add some sort of forced induction as soon as he’s finished removing the gas system it came fitted with.

The 80’s drivetrain has been given the once over, with Max opting to rebuild the front diff and add an Eaton ELocker. A ‘part time’ kit has been fitted so that the Cruiser only drives through the front wheels when Max engages the hubs and the brakes have been upgraded to 105 Series units.

352854376129567985 - 20160919_152539Max is a bar work minimalist – for now – with a bull bar being the only ‘lump of steel’ hanging off the Cruiser.

The suspension on the other-hand is anything but minimal, with Max getting serious about finding some extra room in the wheel arches. A set of 4″ Flexy Coils achieved that goal and they’ve been combined with a set of OME shocks, Road Safe panhard rods, Snake Racing tie rods and a Tough Dog steering damper.

352854376129567985 - FB_IMG_1468742429364Tyres of choice are 315/75/16 Hankook all-terrains.

Inside the 80 is a set of BA Falcon seats, a roof console and as Max puts it, “heaps of LED lights”.

352854376129567985 - received_1759288091007049Max admits his much loved 80 is a work in progress but as we all know, 4X4 builds have a beginning, a middle and rarely an end.

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