Amarok V6 And Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power War

Amarok V6 And Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power War

Forget V8 sedans, there’s a new ‘power war’ underway in Australia between the yet to be released 2017 Volkswagen Amarok V6 and the just released – in concept form – Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up.

It’s a phoney war, but there it is: two 4X4 pick-ups that you can’t buy yet are battling it out for top-spot on the power podium like a couple of hoary old rams.

Mercedes-Benz revealed its NP300 Navara based X-Class 4X4 pick-up in concept form yesterday and while no official information has been released regarding what’s under the bonnet, one of the options is expected to be Benz’s own turbo-diesel V6. It’s a belter of an engine and is currently pushing out up to 195kW and 650Nm in some applications.

Mercedes-Benz-Concept-X-Class-006Volkswagen responded overnight with the announcement that its Amarok V6 has an over-boost function, that increases available power from 165kW to 180kW and torque from 550Nm to 580Nm.

The over-boost ‘boost’ comes into play at 70 percent accelerator extension. Optimal over-boost is delivered in 3rd or 4th gear from 50km/h and hangs in for 10 seconds. After a five second off time, over-boost can again be accessed.

Volkswagen is claiming a 0-100kph sprint time of 7.9 seconds – in controlled conditions of course – and an 80-120kph acceleration time of 5.5 seconds.

2017-volkswagen-amarok-v6-002Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles Director, Carlos Santos has responded to the X-Class threat with a well aimed poke in the eye.

“The Amarok V6 is not an over-hyped concept or a badge engineering exercise. It’s real, it’s almost here and it brings the world’s best V6 turbo diesel, the same unit used by Porsche and Audi in luxury SUVs”, said Mr Santos.

On sale from November 24, Volkswagen had as of yesterday received more than 6000 inquiries from interested customers.

Full pricing and specification for Amarok V6 will be announced in coming weeks.


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