Toyota’s LOADED Land Speed Cruiser: World’s Fastest SUV

Toyota’s LOADED Land Speed Cruiser: World’s Fastest SUV

Here’s one for the die-hard Cruiser fans.

Toyota has unveiled its 2016 SEMA Show trump card overnight… the Toyota “Land Speed Cruiser”.

Said to be the world’s fastest SUV, the Land Speed Cruiser has 2000hp at its disposal and can reportedly hit 350km/h plus: perfect for those long straight roads north of Alice, if you can afford the fuel and some jail time.

The Land Speed Cruiser has been built by a team of engineers at Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Centre in North America. The engineering team started with a regular 200 Series Cruiser, removed the body and then extensively reworked or replaced EVERYTHING, from the chassis, to the suspension and clearly the engine.

2016-sema-land-speed-cruiser-005The result is a ‘fully loaded’ low slung Cruiser, built for manic highway hauling and impressing the SEMA crowds.

Remarkably, the engine is a heavily modified version of the LandCruiser’s stock petrol V8. The full build details are not known; suffice to say, it surely had a comprehensive block and head do-over before Toyota engineers bolted up a couple of good sized turbos and wound up the boost.

What we do know is that it won’t be much good off-road, it won’t legally tow your 3.0-tonne van and, no, it won’t be going into production for sale in Australia.

Could this be the ultimate ‘loaded’ Cruiser? (… there’s your challenge Cruiser die-hards.)

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