New 4X4 Sales In November 2016

New 4X4 Sales In November 2016

There were 19,192 new 4X4 vehicles sold in Australia last month – 393 sales less than what was achieved in November 2015.

While 4X4 sales were down to a modest degree across October and November (compared to the same period in 2015), both August and September this year were bumper months, with 4X4 sales up by more than 4,300 units.

The race to be Australia’s favourite 4X4 in 2016 remains closely contested with the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux running virtually neck to neck. This month saw the HiLux top the chart but only by 85 sales. Just 58 sales separate their respective year-to-date performances – with the Ranger in front – and December sales set to be the decider.

Will 2016 be the first year since forever that the HiLux isn’t Australia’s best selling 4X4?

The Winners

vfacts-ford-rangerIt’s a broken record with the all-new Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger swapping spots at the top of the sales chart on a monthly basis. This month it was the HiLux that reigned supreme, but as we’ve stated above, it was a shallow 85 sales victory – but first place is first place.

The HiLux might be under pressure to keep its ‘sales king’ crown, but Toyota continues to exercise its stranglehold on the 4X4 market, selling 1,168 Prados and 1,028 200 Series wagons. Throw in sales of the recently upgraded 70 Series (571), the apparently unpopular Fortuner (194) and the soon to be no-longer FJ Cruiser (107) add it all up (5,973) and it’s apparent that Toyota owns 31 per-cent of total 4X4 sales in November.

2016-mitsubishi-pajero-sport-007An honourable mention goes to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with 601 sales, just 11 sales short of the Isuzu MU-X – the best selling ute based 4X4 SUV in November.

The Losers

vfacts-toyota-fortunerWe’ve said it before, we love a good Jeep, but the Australian appetite for the iconic brands products has cooled and is showing no signs of returning to the level of sales being achieved, just one short year ago. The brand is in the process of re-establishing itself and we’ll certainly be happy to see more Jeeps on Aussie streets, or better yet, off the beaten track.

Jeep sales can be seen in the table below and they tell their own story.

What’s up with the Toyota Fortuner  we hear you ask? It’s sales performance shows no signs of improvement with October’s sales amounting to just 229 units (100 down on October 2015) and last month’s sales dipping even further to 194 units. Buyers must be finding it hard to go past the value being offered by the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (601 sales) and Isuzu MU-X (612 sales).

2015_mitsubishi_pajero_australia_04-0911-m-930x584The most notable sales drop (besides the various Jeeps) is the old-man Mitsubishi Pajero. Either Mitsubishi is low on stock, or buyers are cross shopping with the Pajero Sport and the far newer Sport – now available with 7 seats – is winning them over. Pajero sales dropped from 672 units in November 2015 to just 145 units last month. Something is up and that makes the Pajero one to watch in the coming months.

Sales of the Ford Everest 4X4 SUV dropped to just 188 units in October but rallied in November with 310 of the Ranger based off-roaders finding new homes -except they aren’t really officially off-roaders – with Ford opting for a ‘Class MA’ rating.  Everest has never been a big seller and we have been attributing that to it’s premium pricing and more recently the Class MA rating which could have legal ramifications for owners looking to upgrade their vehicles tyres and suspension.

Land Rover Discovery sales (104 units) dropped by close to 60 per-cent when compared to November 2015, but that will be due to dealers running their stock down in preparation for the D5 or all-new Land Rover Discovery due in 2017.

The final tally

Overall, there were 19,192 new 4X4s sold in Australia during November and 210,160 sold so far this year.

More than one in five new vehicles sold in Australia is a 4X4.

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MAKE/MODEL Nov-16 Nov-15 YTD
Toyota HiLux 2,905 2,531 27,851
Ford Ranger 4X4 2,820 2,437 28,009
Nissan Navara 4X4 1,577 1,857 13,177
Holden Colorado 4X4 1,242 1,462 15,278
Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 1,205 1,071 16,074
Toyota Prado 1,168 1,257 13,533
Toyota LandCruiser Wagon 1,028 938 10,795
Isuzu UTE D-MAX 4X4 983 981 9,857
Mazda BT-50 4X4 782 670 8,726
Isuzu UTE MU-X 612 543 6,290
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 601 0 5,406
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series 571 491 6,383
Volkswagen Amarok 527 556 7,003
Jeep Grand Cherokee 467 902 5,922
Land Rover Discovery Sport 333 294 3,975
Holden Colorado 7 322 283 3,101
Ford Everest 310 334 3,260
Jeep Cherokee 248 227 1,873
Toyota Fortuner 194 448 3,714
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 191 279 2,775
Nissan Patrol Wagon 150 138 1,760
Mitsubishi Pajero 145 672 3,702
Jeep Renegade 119 51 966
Suzuki Grand Vitara 117 126 1,522
Jeep Wrangler 114 152 1,185
Toyota FJ Cruiser 107 97 1,252
Land Rover Discovery 104 288 2,376
Foton Tunland 4X4 58 60 650
Jeep Compass 56 137 1,047
Jeep Patriot 32 71 718
Land Rover Range Rover 31 25 417
Great Wall Steed 28 0 38
Nissan Patrol Ute 18 23 244
RAM Laramie 4X4 16 0 254
Mercedes-Benz G Class 8 4 96
Land Rover Defender 2 79 393
Suzuki Jimny 1 98 513
Ssangyong Actyon Sports 0 3 25
TOTALS 19,192 19,585 210,160

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