Roothy’s Milo – In the Beginning: The Book

Roothy’s Milo – In the Beginning: The Book

Roothy and Milo are a bit like Vegemite and Cheese – if you’re an Aussie you can’t think of one without thinking about the other, it’s just the way it is. And if you are a Roothy and Milo fan or just have a bit of old truck in ya blood, you just know their story would be a great read.

Thankfully Roothy – now that he’s doing his own thing – has pulled out the old photo albums, taken the dust cover off the Corona (that’s a typewriter not some murky water from Mexico) and knocked out a bit of a yarn about the time he bought a $500 40 Series, painted it green, called it Milo and – over the years that followed – created an Aussie 4X4 legend.

It’s aptly titled Roothy’s Milo – In the Beginning and it’s not just a 4X4 build book, it’s an insight into Roothy’s past. Roothy takes the reader back to the early days; old bikes, his old Landy and his love of uncomplicated machinery that you can fix rather than replace – or in the case of the Landy fix and then replace it. Then there’s the mining adventures, a stint as a tour guide and of course hitting the road with Milo as the face of 4WD Action.

Roothy’s story neatly dovetails into Milo’s story, and Roothy takes the reader through what is essentially a never ending build (we all know about those right) as he drives, then fixes and modifies before repeating the process. A bit like what we’d call ‘bullet-proofing’ but with serious miles clocked up between tweaks and a practical approach to fixing and modifying things, that involves old-fashioned ingenuity and cunning, rather than a trip to the local 4X4 shop.

It’s all easy reading, in Roothy’s laid back and humorous style and it’s packed with everything from family snaps, through to professional shots of the duo in action. All of which is more than enough, but what really resonates through the pages is a bond between a man and a machine, something I think many of us can all relate to in one way or another.

If your idea of over-complicated is more than one 12 volt wire running to the engine, and you think that coil springs are only good for Pogo sticks, then this book is a once in a lifetime event.

For everyone else, Roothy’s Milo is a ripper story and a must read.

Getting your hands on a copy is easy, just head over to Roothy’s Milo page on Roothy’s website and with a few clicks you’ll have your order in.

If you want to know more then take a peek at Roothy’s video below.


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