James Bond Spectre Defender By Tweaked

James Bond Spectre Defender By Tweaked

When we first saw the Spectre Defender we looked past the 37″ muddies, the raised ride height and the beadlock rims and just saw that hemp tow rope.

What were they thinking?

tweaked-land-rover-defender-spectre-002As we all know, the Defender is no longer being produced, but that fact only seems to have increased it’s popularity. The UK is still home to a range of vibrant aftermarket Defender ‘tweakers’, including the aptly named Tweaked.

The enthusiasts at Tweaked have recently turned their attention to building a replica Spectre Defender, just like the one trashed in the most recent James Bond movie and the result is what you see here, including the rope.

tweaked-land-rover-defender-spectre-003If you want a Defender 90 Spectre replica, it’s going to cost you. In addition to buying a Defender, the prices of which are rising, you’ll need to find another £27,500 (plus VAT) to have Tweaked ‘Bond’ it for you and wrap that rope around it.

If you like them longer, then giving a Defender 110 the treatment will cost a further £2,500.


All of that dosh gets you a 2″ suspension lift, 35″ mud terrain tyres (Tweaked will go to 37″ on the 110), heavy duty radius arms, adjustable panhard rods, heavy duty steering arms, an uprated steering damper and a full upgrade to poly bushes.

Externally there are beadlock wheels, wide wheel arches, a roof rack and front roll cage, a custom made front bumper and winch, snorkel, spot lights, NAS rear bumper, spare wheel carrier and unfortunately a tow rope like the one used in the film.

tweaked-land-rover-defender-spectre-004Tweaked claim that the external parts are true to the ones used by SVO on the original design.

Custom fabrication was required to fit the roll cage and fixed snorkel and the bumper was custom made to mimic the bumper used by the actual Spectre Defender.

tweaked-land-rover-defender-spectre-008A ‘Stage 2’ tune of the Ford turbo-diesel is standard, but you can go higher and harder if you want. A Stage 3 tune rings 490Nm out of the little diesel and takes some of the pressure off those quick getaways.

The Defender’s somewhat basic interior has been upgraded with leather seats, leather trim, a smaller leather steering wheel, satnav and front and rear cameras.

tweaked-land-rover-defender-spectre-009It’s a moot point, because you can’t buy a Spectre Defender by Tweaked in Australia, but we wonder how much more affordable it would be if they left the rope back on the wharf.

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