2019 Jeep Wrangler Dual Cab Ute Renderings

2019 Jeep Wrangler Dual Cab Ute Renderings

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Dual Cab Ute, or ‘pick-up’ depending on your terminology preference – like the 2018 Jeep Wrangler wagon – has been rendered thanks to the Wrangler enthusiasts over at the JL Wrangler Forums.

The renderings are more than just guess work, being based on real-life prototype pictures and taking into account what has been learned from spy photographs, patent research and plenty of insider tips.


As with the 2018 Wrangler wagon, major changes will include high-strength steel construction with aluminium swinging panels, improved aerodynamics, LED lighting and a range of new engines, including the all-new  2.0-litre Hurricane Turbo 4 and a 3.0-litre diesel.

We believe the new Wrangler will retain it’s low-range transfer case and continue to be available with versions of it’s current Command Trac and Rock Trac (Rubicon) 4WD systems.

The Wrangler is set to stay ‘the course’ and retain it’s body on chassis construction and solid axle setup, ensuring it’s status as one of the last remaining, heavy-duty off-roaders.


See our 2018 Wrangler renderings article for more details.

If it’s done right, a dual-cab ute variant will sit on a new (longer) chassis and feature a longer wheelbase than the five-door wagon. Upgraded suspension will allow the coil-sprung rear-end to support a reasonable load, without impacting off-road-ability to any great degree.

When it arrives in Australia, the Wrangler dual-cab ute will join the Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser as the only live-axle dual-cab 4X4 utes on the market.

The Wrangler Ute has been confirmed for Australia and will only be available as a dual-cab to compete against the likes of Ranger and HiLux. There are no plans to produce work biased cab-chassis or single-cab versions.

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